Holes in My ClosetAs I’ve begun to organize my closet for fall and the coming school year, I have been thinking a lot about how I’m adding to my wardrobe in a thoughtful way. From time to time we all veer towards the same kinds of pieces and find we have a closet full of printed A-line dresses, classic black slacks, knee-high boots, fitted blazers or whatever’s your fashion fancy. I tend to go for emotional choices like bold colors and prints, and statement necklaces.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of What Not to Wear while working on blog-related planning and projects and it has really inspired me to think more critically about what I bring into my closet and what things I should let go. Although the guests are seriously in need of style intervention and that’s not me, it’s exciting to think about all of the many combinations you can make from the contents of a thoughtfully curated closet. Here’s a snippet from one of my favorite episodes that I watched last week…

Isn’t she cute coming into her own in that pink hair! I love how Clinton and Stacy honor each person’s individuality and help them find a personal style all their own. There’s something about this show that makes me want to set up a bunch of rolling racks in my apartment, invite my best buds over for some champagne and outfit advice. Doesn’t that sound like the best girly evening ever?

With all this inspiration in mind I’ve turned my thoughts toward my continually evolving closet.

BLACK LEATHER JACKET  I found a beautiful black leather moto jacket at Banana Republic recently and think it might be a great fall investment piece, especially since I get half off at BR since I work there a little each month. (For some reason it’s not online, but I’ll share the link if it comes up.)

KHAKI TRENCH COAT  They also have a great khaki trench that I’m pondering but haven’t yet to try on. I think a khaki trench would be a great thing to look for on sale somewhere since every store seems to carry one.

BLAZER  You may be surprised to learn I don’t own a blazer except for one that’s a bit too small that a friend gave me. I’d like to find a tweed version in a versatile neutral color. It would be fun to own one in a fun print or color, but that’s a nice to have down the road. I’m not averse to a blazer in a less structured fabric since it might be comfortable for all day wear. I just don’t want something too slouchy or structureless.

DRESS SLACKS  I don’t own a lot of pants to wear to work, and I would like to. I have one pair of dress slacks and they’re a bold pink, so it would be fantastic to find a neutral pair that works with many top options. I’d like to find a somewhat wider leg style that will look great with more fitted tops and sweaters. I also like slacks with a lower rise and wider waistband, both of which are more comfortable and flattering on my body.

RED PUMPS  I’m on the search for the perfect red pumps and I think this pair is a good contender. I’ve heard good things about Ivanka Trump shoes but have yet to own a pair. I’d love to hear what you think if you have pair of her shoes. Are they comfortable? I also love this offbeat version. I’d love to hear what you think!

OPEN-TOE BOOTIES  Open-toe booties may not seem like a “hole” in my closet necessarily, but Stacy London keeps wearing them on What Not to Wear with so many outfits it looks like a great fall update that would really work for my wardrobe. I like this pair a lot, but this pair is a simpler, more boot-like look. Ultimately peep-toe booties are something I will wait a bit to purchase after some of these other, probably more important items.

Building a working closet that goes the distance for you in a multitude of situations takes time, but is so worth it when you feel great in everything you put on. I consider the new school year as more of the new year than the real new year. It’s right around my birthday, and when a new school year starts and with all the fall clothes out it’s a great time to think about what you really need to push your style to the next level.