This Saturday I’m thrilled to be staying in and catching up on some of my favorite shows on the DVR.  And what snuggly Saturday would be complete without a little online shopping therapy? British e-retailer Very has an exclusive collection of stylin’ trends from denim icons Levi’s Jeans. While spinning through the virtual aisles of Very, I got inspired with some new ways of styling my denim. Levi’s Creative Director  Len Peltier has worked to broaden their product line this spring with a major focus on vintage printed tees, neon accessories, and a variety of sweaters and jackets in silhouettes that work perfectly with their range of denim cuts.  I love the long hoody sweater under the military inspired jacket. I might need to make this idea a reality! I also love the idea of rolling up the legs of skinny jeans to make way for my favorite booties.  Time to get casual!

Full Disclosure: Very is a sponsor of Lindsay Living.