There are so many reasons I love spring. The weather is stunning, we’re finally out of the rain and cold, and summer is on the horizon. Another reason? spring shoes. I love packing away my boots and checking out all of the new spring shoe trends in the shops. Here’s my roundup of a few styles that are dominating fashion for spring 2017. Put a little spring in your step, and find a pair that catches your eye!

Alright, here we go! Remember, you can click on any of the photos below to check items out further or purchase.


Espadrilles are back in a big way right now! I haven’t had a pair in a long time, so this trend may take a little getting used to for me! I love the platform styles that seem to be dominating the fashion magazines lately. I love this simple Nine West pair for a mere $28. It’s a fun way to try the trend without getting too far into it. And honestly Target has some great options at killer price points, too. You can go for the laced ankle look or the ankle strap look depending on your preference as there seems to be many options for both styles.


The only pair of “mules” I have are pair of suede clogs I thrifted last year and I’m excited to pull them out again this year. I also have a pair of black wedge mules kind of like the Via Spigas above. I love the putty color of this Via Spiga pair, and again, the price point is fairly decent considering how often I would wear such a neutral shoe. I’m loving some of the flat loafer styles right now, and have enjoyed seeing how some of my favorite bloggers have been wearing it lately, like Nichole from Fishbowl Fashion.

Minimal Block Heels

Anyone who’s been following along for awhile knows I love a nude shoe. Triple that love if said shoe is a simple ankle strap sandal with a block heel. I’ve been looking around for a replacement to my favorite pair that I destroyed last year due to overwearing, and there are so many great options out there right now! plus, I am beginning to open my mind to the possibility of buying a color instead, to infuse a little something new into my wardrobe. Currently my favorites among this bunch are the Sam Edelman pair. Although they’re a little more than I’d like to spend, they just might be worth it if I wear them all season.

Platform Sandals

At first I must admit, the platform flat sandal trend threw me for a loop. I usually like shoes that elongate my legs, not add bulk to them. But now that I’ve seen them around for awhile, I’m finally game to at least try a few pairs on and see how they look. Of course my favorites are the Stella McCartney’s, but I’m also loving this two strap pair from the classic Dr. Scholl’s. I haven’t had a pair of Dr. Scholl’s since HIGH SCHOOL, so it might be time to try them out again. And since when did they become so stinkin’ cute, anyway?!

Alright, ladies! Let me know which are your favorite shoe trends this spring, and which you’re game to at least try on in the coming month. I’d love to hear your thoughts!