transport tote

Earlier this week (in this post) I told you about my newfound budget freedom and uncertainty and I pledged to take a one month break from frivolous shopping. Of course I decided to do this during my birthday month and when all of the amazing fall fashion comes out, my favorite shopping season of the whole year. Clearly terrible planning. Despite this, I’ve been doing okay this week. Working my summer retail job certainly didn’t help and we got A TON of adorable things in for fall rollout this week. Despite this setback I stayed strong and resolved to admire the pieces and focus on the amazing deals I might get if I wait to pick them up at fall clearance time. I tried on a clearance top and skirt, but ultimately put both back. Major accomplishment. Then I had second thoughts about my one of the items from my birthday haul and returned these to Anthro and picked up this adorable thing at Banana Republic and with discounts it ended up being nearly a straight across exchange give or take a dollar or so. It felt great to make that happen and to be honest with myself that I wouldn’t wear the sandals enough to justify the purchase.

But then there’s the Madewell Transport Tote. I swear, you guys, it’s following me. Not only do some of my favorite bloggers show it off on the regular (here, here, and here to name a few) but I straight up see it wherever I go. You’d think seeing so much of one bag would turn me off as usually I don’t like things I find to be “played out,” but that simply is not the case with this classic cognac leather goddess. I just love her. My original plan for my birthday gift to myself was to finally get my very own transport tote (after admiring it for over a year), but then I got all worried about what to wear to a couple weddings/fell in love with another dress/got my birthday coupon from Anthro and picked up this, this, this and those shoes I mentioned a second ago that I’ve since exchanged. I’m thrilled with my purchases and have started the shopping ban, but for the life of me I just can’t get this tote off my mind.

So here’s my question, fellow shopping ban-ers… Is it technically cheating if I sell some things on ebay and raise the funds to buy the bag? It would give me something to work for and would motivate me to get off my tush and get that stuff sold already. Thoughts? If you’ve put a ban on your shopping, how’s it going so far?