By now you’ve probably heard the song that changed Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis’s lives and has quickly become the theme song to every Value Village visit since it hit #1. It’s been playing in my car (and in my head) since I first heard it last summer. The video is equally awesome, but the best part? It was filmed in all of the  local thrift shops I visit every week including my very own Capitol Hill Value Village. I’ve found some of my favorite clothing and accessories there, not to mention bought up tons of goodies for my second grade classroom there, too. Haven’t seen it the video yet? Check it out below! (FYI: If you’re offended by swears, this contains some. Just so you’re aware…)

Value Village was lucky enough to catch up with Macklemore during filming and caught some of his best thrifting stories and tips on video! You can check it out by visiting their facebook page.