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I don’t know about you, but I stress over gift giving. I always have the best of intentions and want to pick out the perfect item, but most of the time I worry that I come up short. Between teaching, blogging, and living a fairly busy life, I often find myself searching last minute. Plus, we all have those people that are just tough to shop for. In an effort to take the stress away from the joy that is gift giving, I partnered with my friends at Uncommon Goods to bring you a complete spring and summer gift guide jam-packed with ideas for every occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming event, you’re in the right place.

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Let’s face it, men can be tough to shop for. I go through the same issue every time my stepdad Rick’s birthday or Christmas rolls around. He’s always the last person I’m still shopping for. Although he has a lot of interests, I find he usually buys what he needs when he needs it, and I’m eager to surprise him with something he didn’t know he needed! I found a ton of gifts for men at Uncommon Goods. I love conversation starters like these cheeky cocktail glasses (1), rustic phone charger (2), or glass Ziploc bag of his favorite candy (4). If you’re going for wow-factor, you can’t miss with this wood watch (6) which is sure to grab attention wherever he wears it. Is he into traveling the world? Maybe a beautiful travel journal (8) will help him store his memories of each place he visits.


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It’s always fun to buy gifts for the special ladies in our lives. I love buying my mama gifts, especially because I know her style oh so well, and it’s fun to surprise her with something unique and special. Plus, you’ll need to find Mother’s Day gifts very soon! I’m a total sucker for gold pendants, and this clover design (1) or hanging mama pendant (2) will add something sweet to her daily style. While searching for ideas at Uncommon Goods, I fell totally in love with this upcycled silk sari kimono-style robe (3). This ombré tote is neutral, a nice size, and easily integrated into just about any girl’s closet. And spring is the perfect time to add a little nature into her world, either with this cherry blossoms snow glove (4), sunflower growing kit (6), or caterpillar bud vase (9).


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One thing that I know is sure to come up is the need for baby shower gifts. Of course it’s amazing to pick up things off of the gift registry, but sometimes I love to surprise a family with darling baby gifts that I know will go with their overall style. This is a lot of fun, especially if you’ve got a close friend who is expecting. I like to investigate the colors of the nursery and overall baby themes they’re embracing in their homes. I have always loved mobiles, and the two featured above really caught my eye (1 & 6). So many families do rooms around wildlife, so the sloth mobile (6) is a sweet addition that the family may not have thought of. So many party-goers will give the family clothing in a wide variety of sizing, so these little clothing dividers (2) for the baby’s closet can be a total lifesaver as mama-to-be begins organizing everything. The little baby wrap and hat above are a set called “tortilla baby” (3) which is sure to make any family smile and make for great photo ops later once the little one arrives.


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Registries are fantastic, and of course I love to buy things the couple wants. But when I’m buying gifts for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the wedding, sometimes it’s fun to throw in something more personal that maybe the couple hadn’t thought of or wouldn’t buy for themselves. This, of course, is best when you know the couple and their style/lifestyle well enough to select something that will fit flawlessly into their home. Are they a total coffee couple? This iced-coffee brewer (1) will be a sweet surprise. Do they spend every minute they can in the kitchen? Try a personalized cutting board (6). I love the idea of tying this sweet key bottle opener (2) on the top of a gift from the registry, too, for that extra personal touch. Are they building a beautiful gallery wall for their new home? Personalized gifts can become family heirlooms for a couple. This personalized street sign print (5) will be the perfect addition to their layout. A lot of the items on this list make great anniversary gifts, too!


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Anyone else out there outdoors-obsessed like me? If you or someone you love loves the outdoors, I found a ton of great gift ideas for birthdays and celebrations this summer. If you’re going camping, try surprising your group with a mason jar phone amplifier (3), portable hammock (5), giant lawn dice (6) or an over-fire popcorn popper (7). Each will bring a new level of fun to your outdoor adventures whether you’re visiting state parks or camping in your own backyard. Daytime park visits more their thing? I’m loving this picnic backpack set (10) for romantic outings on the go. Your gift recipient can just keep it in their trunk, buy a bag of groceries and zip over to their favorite spot. For the ultimate camper, this portable outdoor grill (4) is a small, yet powerful way to makeover your camp cookouts. What a great surprise for someone who’s invited you on a camping trip! Is hiking more their thing? I’m loving this fruit infused water bottle (8) and this water filtration water bottle (9) for hydration with style.


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My mama always taught me to never show up to an event empty handed. Usually that means simply picking up snacks or a bottle of wine. Why not take it a step further, especially if you’re someone’s overnight or weekend guest. If they’re serving dinner or organizing a potluck, bring your contribution in a dish you’ll gift to the host, like this darling rowboat salad bowl (3) or Venn Diagram serving tray (6). Dinner guests always need a little help remembering which glass is theirs, so if you’re bringing the drinks, why not throw in some whimsical serving glasses like these mixtape glasses with wax pencil labels (5). And since we’re all obsessed with our phones these days, I love the idea of showing up with this Game of Phones card game (4). It’s a fun way to get to know your friends and family a bit better while having a good laugh.


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Spring and summer are definitely a time when many people are opting to move into a new home or apartment. If it’s a housewarming or a birthday they’re celebrating this time of year, why not surprise them with something fun to brighten up their new space. Uncommon Goods has a million great pieces that will add a little more character to any home. One of my favorite things to give (or receive for that matter) are plants, and this hanging planter (3) is perfect for indoor or outdoor spaces. Just make sure you choose a plant that will work for your gift recipient’s home and lifestyle. I have totally fallen in love with this darling fire escape shelf (4) shown here as a plant holder. I love the idea of hanging this in the kitchen or dining area; it makes the perfect little urban garden! And for a new home, you can’t go wrong with a stylish yet hilarious doormat (7).


Well, there you have it, gifts for every occasion this spring and summer. If you’re got something coming up, take a look through these suggestions of through the thousands of unique items at Uncommon Goods for gift inspiration.

Full Disclosure: Uncommon Goods is a partner of Lindsay Living. Although this post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all item selections and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Lindsay Living possible.