New Year New You with Value Village

value village haul 2-15One of my favorite places to shop, is Value Village. Whether I’m looking for budget-friendly home goods or new-to-me clothing options, I always find something at one of the many locations in the Seattle area. I’ve worked with Value Village a lot over the years, and recently they sent me some gift certificates and sent me shopping with instructions to find some things that I’ve wanted to try but have been shy to in the past. I found a ton of great options and narrowed it down to these six pieces.

Here’s a breakdown of what I found and why I picked each one:

  1. Red Blazer  I’ve never been a blazer person. A fact that Fran just can’t understand about me. I see cute blazers on people all the time, but for some reason when I put them on I feel stuffy, corporate, and nothing like myself. I’ve always wanted to find one that made me feel chic instead of ick, and I this one fits the bill. It’s a soft fabric, less structured than most, but still has some good tailoring. Originally from F21, found at Value Village for $7.99.
  2. Pink Sheer Blouse  Another thing I’ve always been resistant to is layering. I hate it. I always find those stretchy layering camisoles and tanks so constricting and annoying. I always feel like I’m adjusting and pulling on them all day. But this sheer blouse is so pretty it made me want to give layering another try. I have a comfy grey tank top that might work well under this. I’m excited to give it a try! Originally from LOFT, found at Value Village for $6.99.
  3. Bejeweled Cardigan  Every time I visit stores and spot sparkly jewels on something I run right over to it. For some reason I never take any of them home. I almost bought a jeweled sweater last year from J.Crew, put it back, and then found a coworker bought it and I am filled with regret every time she wears it. This cardigan is similar to that sweater, I think it has lots of possibilities. Originally from LOFT, found at Value Village $7.99.
  4. Ruffled Cardigan  Another thing I’m always a little shy to try is a ruffled cardigan. I’m not a tiny thin gal, I’m somewhere in the middle and totally ok with that, but sometimes I am afraid ruffles might add bulk where none is needed. This cardigan just might prove me wrong on that. Originally from Banana Republic, found at Value Village for $7.99.
  5. Fuchsia Cardigan  I honestly can’t say that this one called to anything I’ve been unwilling to try. It’s a pretty color, caught my eye, and is super cute and comfy. I love the seaming through it for added detail to something simple and solid. Had to have it. Jones New York, found at Value Village for $7.99
  6. Striped T-Shirt Dress  I’m going to Disneyland in a couple weeks and was hoping to find something for warm weather, but more than that, I’m always interested in finding more things to round out my summer wardrobe. T-shirt dresses can be tricky, as can yellow, but this shape works well for me and the yellow is broken up with fresh white. Originally from Banana Republic, found at Value Village for $9.99.

I really love each item I found and I’ll be styling them in outfit posts over the  the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for the logo below in future posts.

Value Village logoPlease note that the items above were purchased with gift certificates provided by Value Village. All items were selected by me to fit with my personal style. All opinions are my own.