I’ve been a little bit absent from the blog recently due to some big news in my personal life.  I just accepted a teaching position for next year!  Since getting the offer last Friday I have been busily working on moving into my classroom, organizing and purging stuff from my massive amount of teacher stuff (however do teachers accumulate so much stuff?!) and working on lots of crafty projects for the kids and I to enjoy over the next year (case in point, writing notebooks pictured above). I am over the moon and so excited to be teaching second grade next year and am in love with my new school and co-workers.

Because of the big news, I have been voraciously reading some inspiring teaching blogs and adding things to my teacher Pinterest board. If you are also an elementary teacher (and a work dork like me…) here are some links you might enjoy!

The Inspired Apple – Amazing blog full of great, crafty ideas ideas!

The First Grade Parade – Creative and crafty with lots of organizational ideas.

Pencils, Glue & Tying Shoes – Hilarious and informative.

Primary Perspective – Another teacher blog with a lot of activity and curriculum ideas.

My “Classroom Decor” board on Pinterest – I am now officially obsessed with this website.

In other news I found some hilarious flashback photos I’m going to post later this week. Until then, have a great week!