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As you might remember from previous posts, I’m a second grade teacher. I don’t often post about my job, as I view this blog as a place for fashion and lifestyle, but this was just too cute not to share. Each year, about two weeks before Valentine’s Day, I assign my students the task of creating their own, one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day mailbox to use to collect treats and special notes at our Valentine’s celebration. I have them bring them all in to school on the 13th and conduct a vote for prizes in the Valentine’s contest.

Usually we just hold the vote within our own classroom, but this year’s entries were by far the best I’ve ever seen. I was so thrilled and as a class we decided to open the vote to the whole school. I had the custodians bring down tables to our hallway and I covered them with red paper and posted a sign, ballots and pencils and a ballot box. Tons of teachers and classes came down to vote and we got so many wonderful compliments on the idea along with pleas that I do it again next year. Of course I will! All in all it was a huge success and every kid walked away with a certificate and five lucky kids got a special certificate and free ice cream passes for the cafeteria. There are so many amazing things about teaching and I sincerely thank my lucky stars everyday that I have the honor of doing something I love so dearly, but it’s days like these that are truly the feather in my cap.

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