Normally I find the bag itself more important than what’s inside, but here I thought I’d share a little of both.  

Currently carrying: Banana Republic, grey leather satchel featuring large silver hardware and convertible strap.  Purchased with my employee discount in 2008.

What’s inside: Small Banana Republic makeup bag (free gift while I was a manager!) filled with the essentials like Clinique powder compact and blush compact, bobby pins,  and tweezers (I’m ultra-paranoid about stray brows); Bath & Body Works travel lotion and hand sanitizer; ibuprofen; 2 chapsticks and Clinique lipstick (in Tender Heart); mints; keys (these are my work keys, I also have a personal set); tiny hairbrush (bangs are so high-maintenance) and hair band rubber band ball (free with Bumble & Bumble purchases summer 2008); black leather gloves with ivory bow detail (purchased at Nordstrom $88); toothbrush and floss; pens (you’ll never know when you need a backup); and my Marc by Marc Jacobs tri-fold wallet (You can find it here listed for $178, but I purchased this navy one on sale at Nordy’s last fall for $89)

What’s in YOUR handbag?

P.S.  Notice I’m wearing the new dress today!  Love love love it and keep thinking of more ways to wear it.  Today I wore it with dark brown Spanx tights, knee high brown J.Crew boots, LOFT jean jacket and a peach pashmina scarf that was a gift from my mother several years ago.  

P.P.S.  I’m going to have to figure out a way to take pictures of myself soon.  I have a tripod but lost my camera.  I’m workin’ on it.