August 2013 budget 2

August Budget

Total $534.60 – $30 sold on PoshMark = TOTAL $504.60

So much for a shopping ban. I was totally shocked once I totaled it all up, but I’m glad I did, because now I understand my shopping patterns a bit more and feel more qualified to give myself a budget that fits my finances. I did a little over-splurging because of my birthday on the 18th, so the haul from Anthro and the Issa dress were “birthday gifts to myself”, although I should have limited it to just the Anthro purchases. You might remember the story of this bag from this post and this post, and I’m so thrilled my mama offered to pay for over half of it. I bought the wedge heels to fill a big need in my closet and I’ve worn them a TON including to a wedding and several other events. They go with everything! I bought the blue striped Madewell dress as a treat for the first day of school. Clearly my shopping patterns involve rewarding myself a lot of the time, especially in August. I love love love everything I purchased and I know they were all smart purchases wearability-wise, but they were not all smart purchases when it comes to my finances. Now that I’ve put August 2013 behind me, and gotten past the the shock of how much I spent, I am planning on a much better September and looking forward to selling  some items to make up for the splurges of August.