While visiting Spokane over spring break, I just HAD to stop by President Obama’s favorite burger joint.  It just opened in Spokane Valley and I was excited to see if it was worth the hype.  Beyond Obama, I know Five Guys is also a favorite of Naomi and Josh of The Rockstar Diaries, another incentive to try the place considering they’ve visited just about every burger joint on the east coast.


Five Guys clearly takes their fries very seriously as the whole restaurant was lined with big bags of potatoes with labels from all over the place and a board announcing where today’s fries came from.  The burgers are divided between burgers and little burgers, which they had to explain meant a double patty and the little is a single patty.  I had the bacon little burger, and from there selected toppings and veggies.  All in all, amazing.  You’ll need to get over there.  The only thing missing was husband, who sadly couldn’t come along on this trip because of school.  Boo.  Just another excuse to visit next time we’re in town!