Some sweet street art near my building. I love it here.

Although I haven’t been a part of the group for a year (just a few months actually…) this week marks the official one year anniversary of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday.  I know this is a momentous occasion for Katy of Modly Chic who started it all, and at her request we’re talking about gratitude today…

1.  When it comes to me personally, I owe  a lot of who I am to… my Mama.  I’ve written about her before, but I don’t know if I’ve ever said it in this way.  I owe a lot to my Mama.  We’ve been through it all together and I love and respect the person she is.  As a little girl she was my hero.  Talented, tough and stylish, she always had this air of confidence about her and she taught me to always believe in myself.  She taught me that style can be bold and powerful and she still teaches me so much.  This weekend I’m making the trek out to learn some sewing tricks from her.  She’s truly lovely and I’m lucky to have her in my life.

2.  When it comes to me professionally, I owe a lot of who I am to… Banana Republic.  When I went to college I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life (well, except paint and read art history books and go to frat parties.)  I worked through college at several jobs, but BR became a career that allowed me to live in Seattle, Portland and Spokane and eventually built my professional style and confidence and inspired me to aspire to bigger things.  I may not be there any more, but I owe a lot to Banana Republic and the many amazing and talented people I worked with and for.

3.  When it comes to the art of blogging, I am grateful to these people for helping me through some rough spots… This is a tough one since I’m still so new to blogging, but so far I’ve learned a lot from a lot of tutorials and information found on a few amazing sites.  Vahni of Grit & Glamour is full of great information and works hard to help fellow bloggers stay knowledgeable about the latest and greatest in blogging and informed about how to grow while still protecting themselves.  I have also learned a TON from Kristina of Pretty Shiny Sparkly.  She was the brains pointing me in the direction of WordPress which, suffice it to say, transformed my blog.  Thanks to you both!

4.  One blogging challenge I’m grateful happened because it made me stronger was… Kendi’s 30 for 30 Remix.  I’m sure a TON of bloggers will be answering this one because it seems so pivotal in the life and accomplishments of any style blogger.  I know it forced me to get creative with what I already have and to get serious about what I ALLOW to be in my closet.

5.  To my readers I’d like to say… A big thank you, in song of course.  If I could send you a hug, I would like to do that as well.  (I’m a hugger.  It’s just who I am.)  My little corner of the internet would not be nearly as fun without you and I love love love reading your comments and hearing your comments (friend IRL) and getting to know fellow bloggers through their sites, interacting with you on FB and Twitter and on and on and on. Thanks for all of your compliments and support.  It truly means a lot.

Friend Friday is a group that allows fashion and beauty bloggers to get to know each other and to share their thoughts and opinions on different topics. For more information or to join us, please visit ModlyChic. You can read all of my fellow bloggers’ answers as well as Katy’s answers to these questions here.