I recently read an old post over at The Ginger Diaries in which Nikki listed twenty steps to become NikkiWell, I thought, I can do that.  Aside from the silly side comments in outfit posts, it’s been awhile sine I shared something about myself, so, without further ado, twenty steps to Lindsay…

1. Dye your hair so brown that everyone describes it as black.

2. Cut blunt bangs and when they get a little too long use your expensive sewing scissors to give them a lopsided trim.

3. Buy too many things with polka dots and stripes. And leopard print. And lots of red and hot pink lippy.

4. Adopt a “Sing about anything and everything,” state of mind. Truly. Nothing is off-limits and the sillier the better. Oh! And you have to sing incessantly all the way up until you brush your teeth at night. P.S. Humming is permissible during teeth brushing.

5. You’ll have to get used to getting compared with anyone famous with dark hair and bangs, most notably Zooey Deschanel. Each time you hear it feel free to feel incredibly flattered and audibly so.

6. I hope you really love kids. Especially the seven to eight year old variety. Get excited for lots and lots of teacher hugs!

7. Become an insane perfectionist, especially at work. Unfortunately for you this may mean long hours, but a good gym buddy makes it easier to leave by 4:15pm.

8. When you go shopping buy anything that jumps out at you, with the most interesting bright colors and prints. Then get home to discover nothing matches.

9.Watch Before Sunrise literally HUNDREDS of times. Each time you watch, though, you’ll discover a little something new.

10. Get two black and white snuggly cats and sing about them all day and night. Every song is better when the lyrics are changed to be about your cats.

11. Visit the local record shop and Value Village at least once a week.

12. Start three books at the same time and switch between them every night before bedtime.

13. Before a night out try on about half your clothes before selecting your optimal ensemble.

14. Try to paint and draw every chance you get. You don’t want that MFA to go to waist!

15. Learn to love dark beers, salmon nigiri, and cobb salads.

16. Listen to music at every free moment. Life is always more fun when supported by a soundtrack.

17. Set your alarm for at least half-an-hour before you have to get up so you can press snooze a couple of times.

18. Awkwardly attempt to take photos of yourself on street full of passersby…then give up and ask your husband to help.

19. Spend most of your life dreaming about all of the places around the world you want to visit.

20. Start a blog and write silly stuff to accompany your silly pictures.

What are some of the steps necessary for becoming you?