THANKSGIVING WORKOUT | Yum. I love American traditions like turkey and stuffing; they are so super yummy! I felt even better enjoying all of Thanksgiving’s tasty treats this year because, for the first time in my life, I worked out the morning before the meal. It felt like a huge success on my path to health and fitness. Personal win!

SUNFLOWERS | I am loving sunflowers lately! I recently bought a bunch for my dining table and absolutely fell in love. It broke my heart when they wilted. I’m throwing a little party tomorrow afternoon for all my girlfriends and sunflowers are definitely on my party planning list.

MY NEW 50MM CAMERA LENS | I recently got a Nikkor 50mm lens for my camera and am officially obsessed with it! It totally lives up to all of the reviews and does everything I dreamed it could do. Most of the shots in this post were taken with it.

ROCKSTAR DIARIES ROME PHOTOS | I can’t stop looking at the gorgeous shots Taza and husband Josh took in Rome with their adorable littles Eleanor and Samson. It makes me dream of having some littles of my own and it makes me hopeful that life doesn’t stop after kids; that you can still travel and have amazing experiences and live your dreams.

HAZELNUT BROWNIES | Last holiday my sister-in-law Jessica of the blog Jessica is Baking gave me The Gourmet Cookie Book and I finally cracked it open and baked something. I chose the amazing Gianduia Brownies care of the February 1998 issue of the mag. With hazelnuts and three kinds of chocolate including Nutella I only have three words: To. Die. For.

HUSBAND’S MUSTACHE | You might remember my husband has a full beard, but he shaved the whole thing away and grew just a mustache to take part in Movember. It was quite the shock at first since it had been so long since I saw his naked face, but as the ‘stache grew in I was shocked to find he kinda pulls it off! Regardless I’m happy Movember is officially OVER.

Happy December everyone!