eBay handbag sale-final

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Hello friends! It’s almost officially spring and I’m already getting in that spring cleaning mode. I’m looking to sort, organize, and lighten my load a little bit, and hopefully to gather up a little extra cash in the process.

To that end, today I sorted through all my handbags. I was well aware I had way more than any girl should, but the bigger problem was that many of them hadn’t been used in years. I decided to list nine of them on eBay. They are all beautiful and in excellent condition, but just aren’t loved enough here and deserve better homes. I’d love for you to click the links above and check out any you might be interested in. Thanks!

What’s your go-to for cleaning out your closet? I’m mostly thredUP gal lately, but this article made me psyched to try eBay. Have you had any luck selling or buying on eBay? I’d love to hear your tips!