There are so many things I’m thankful for this year and I thought it proper to share some today… it is Thanksgiving after all!

I’m thankful for…

  • a loving husband who loves me with his whole heart
  • a fantastic family that I can count on in good times and in bad
  • adorable, snuggly kitties
  • a career that fulfills me and challenges me everyday
  • fantastic friends that are the spice in my life and make my life a little funnier, sillier, and worthwhile
  • the ability to travel and see (some) of the world, and big dreams that keep me excited about the future

I’ve also learned some valuable lessons this year, some more serious than others…

  • Always bring bug spray when visiting Cape Cod. ‘Nuff said.
  • Do not hike all day on a sunny beach while wearing capri workout pants. Your strange tan lines will be with you forever.
  • A good fitting, high performing raincoat is a MUST in Seattle. No bones about it.
  • Going to the gym can actually be fun! (That’s a HUGE lesson for me this year!) The right workout buddy was the key for me.
  • Any task is easier when you have the right tools. This is especially true with gym socks.
  • Take time for yourself; you’ll be a better version of you in everything you do. (Duh, silly!)
  • The higher the heel the closer to God. (I may be watching too much Real Housewives…)
  • My husband can pull off a mustache. Who knew?

Have you learned any important lessons this year? Share, please! Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the day!