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November 10, 2014

DSC_1243 DSC_1256DSC_1250 DSC_1242 DSC_1249 DSC_1253Hello beautiful blog! I have missed you so! Not to mention all of you lovely readers, of course. I have had these photos on my camera for nearly a month and finally decided to take some time this morning (prior to going in to work on my report cards/no students day) and publish a quick update. And let me just say, you know you’re a little out of practice taking blog photos when you have to photoshop a glue off of your skirt. It’s been a very busy year so far and I can’t believe I blogged only twice since the beginning of the school year. I never intended to take such a long blog break, but this is one case where life really got in the way and had to take precedence over le blog. Although work has been very busy and time consuming so far this year, I have a wonderful group of kids that are already making some great progress. We are going to have a wonderful year together (and I’m shocked that it’s already a third gone!)

I have been trying to save my money lately for various things, so I haven’t been shopping too much. I did purchase some new workout clothes from my new obsession Athleta, and some cute little New Balance kicks (mine are magenta) that I’ve been wearing non-stop. Other than my birthday haul from Banana Republic I’ve been working with what I’ve got. After weeks of overworking myself I finally had time this weekend to do all my laundry and organize my closet, too so now I feel like I’ve got a clean slate to take some more outfit photos this week. I’ll have to re-wear some of the cute new outfit combos I came up with and never photographed. This outfit is kind of a repeat, but is also indicative of what I’ve been loving lately. Tights, comfy boots, sassy skirt and a cropped(ish) little sweater that still gives me a waist while wearing a skirt. My newest addition is this little guy I bought with rewards coupons this weekend and I can’t wait to wear it next week.

Thanks for reading my babble, thanks for coming back even though I’ve been absent, and here’s to a beautiful rest of autumn with lots of pumpkin-spiced skinny lattes and a stress-less report card and conference season.

OUTFIT DETAILS  sweater, Zara (similar) | skirt, Banana Republic (also cute) | tights, Spanx | boots, Steve Madden Intyce | handbag, Coach (thrifted at Value Village)

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Madewell Transport ToteI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love my Madewell Transport Tote. I lusted after it for years before finally getting it last year for my birthday, with my Mama’s help, and I’ve been using it like crazy ever since. It just seems to go with everything from jeans to dresses, casual to dressy, work to play. I’ve put it with everything I own. The cost per wear on that thing has got to be nearly free at this point and I love it when a purchase you’ve hemmed and hawed over proves itself so worth it.

It’s the perfect bag (and no, Madewell didn’t pay me to say that). It holds all my work stuff, is a great carryall for traveling or farmer’s markets, and looks equally great filled to the brim or with only a few things in it. It’s sturdy leather, simple construction and classic design make it a staple in any girl’s handbag wardrobe. Doesn’t hurt that mine has my initials stamped into it, too. Despite my love for bright leather handbags (Click here, here, here, and here for examples…), this rugged style is one of my absolute favorites.

Check out the full details on these outfits  and the many other ways I’ve styled my Madewell Transport Tote here.


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Golden Hour

September 5, 2014

DSC_1246 DSC_1250 DSC_1253 DSC_1241 DSC_1262 DSC_1255Self-photography was once something I thought I would never be able to do. I would read “About” pages on blog after blog, all about my favorite bloggers’ methods. I learned all about their cameras and tripods, lenses and remotes, some persuading boyfriends, husbands and friends, but I found so many that said they did it all themselves. It blew my mind. I’ve said it before, but my photos have dramatically improved since I started doing this and self-photography has become a real creative quest for me. Hitting that last magical hour before the sun sets, known as golden hour, can make even a simple, long black dress look pretty glowy and wonderful.

I just wrapped up a busy busy first week of school. It’s been a crazy week and I have a million things on my mind, but I’m off to play bridesmaid this weekend in my friend K.’s wedding on Orcas Island. I simply cannot wait to get there and see the sun setting on the water and and to celebrate two of my closest friends saying “I do.”

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, LOFT (similar) | necklace, Ann Taylor | handbag, Madewell Transport Tote | sandals, Steve Madden (similar)


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