Little Updates

August 20, 2014

DSC_1264 DSC_1253 DSC_1251 DSC_1244 DSC_1256 DSC_1254 I’ve been a bad blogger this summer. I’ve been way off my posting schedule and it’s certainly been on my mind, but it’s been a lovely summer. Sometimes it’s great just to let everything go and enjoy yourself. I’ve definitely kept busy. I took some little trips, attended some weddings, worked as the Site Coordinator for summer school, worked on a ton of crafts and projects for my classroom, enjoyed time with friends and, well…I fell in love. Suffice it to say, it’s been a wonderful summer. As this last real week of free-time zips by I can’t help but feel a little wistful that it’s coming to an end. Summer 2014, I’ll definitely remember you.

Lately my outfits have oscillated between repeats of my faves from last year, like this little Issa dress, or completely casual shorts and tees. It sounds silly, but I’ve discovered a new love of the pony tale (see photos above), matte gold nail polish, and these super old Banana Republic sandals. I’ve had them forever and they have a bit of a jingle when I step thanks to a slightly loose chain detail, but I have found they go with everything (even though they’re orange). I haven’t been shopping much this summer (although I just bought a few fall things) so it’s been all about enjoying my existing summer wardrobe and finding little ways to make it feel new again.

OUTFIT DETAILS  dress, Issa for Banana Republic (summer 2013) | earrings, birthday gift from boyfriend | handbag, Madewell Transport Tote | sandals, Banana Republic (2007? similar) | nail colour, Essie “Good as Gold” | lip colour, Tom Ford Beauty “True Coral”  


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Lazy Days

July 23, 2014

DSC_1410 DSC_1375
DSC_1377 DSC_1376 DSC_1382 As July zips into its last week I can’t help but relish in the laziness that is summer. Although I’ve been working as the site coordinator of summer school I’ve had plenty of free time to do with as I choose. I’ve written on this blog about how idle time can make me feel uneasy, like I should be doing something productive with myself. I’ve never been a napper, am hard-pressed to find time for crafts, and usually find it difficult to let go and spend hours on a good book or TV show. This summer, however, I’ve made a few lazy day goals…

  • Watch as many John Singleton movies as I can (currently watching Boyz in the Hood)
  • Read at least one really good book (there’s a few I started awhile back that I should probably finish)
  • Read at least one really good teaching book (that I’ve been wanting to read for years but never got around to)
  • Take naps without guilt (so far so good)
  • Spent at least 5 good days out on the beach (1 down)
  • Go on at least two camping trips (1 down)

In celebration of a little summer laziness I finally jumped into a pair of sweats-inspired pants from J.Crew. I bought them on clearance and I must say they are a beautiful color and oh so comfortable! Why did I wait so long to embrace this trend? They’re a great weight and feel like super comfy dress pants. I think they’ll transition into my fall work wardrobe well. Do you have a pair? I’d love to see how you styled them so please drop a link in the comments.

OUTFIT DETAILS  tee, Banana Republic (similar) | drawstring pants, J.Crew | necklace, Banana Republic (2007?) | heels, Banana Republic | handbag, Coach (2004) | lip color, NARS Schiap


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DSC_1344 DSC_1345 DSC_1347 DSC_1343 me, Bri, Fran, & Katrina

It’s been a great summer so far, and one of the highlights was seeing good blogging buddy Fran in town last week! You may know her from her blog, Franish, and these other lovely ladies, Bri of Work Clothes, I Suppose and Katrina of The Demure Muse. Fran is currently in medical school across the country, and last year we were lucky enough to get a visit before she began her program. She’s now done with year 1 and I’m so glad she made it back to Seattle for another visit (thus the part deux). Last time she was in town it was just us girls out for dinner and bubble tea, but this time we brought the boys with us and the eight of us went for a great dinner at Barrio here on Capitol Hill (which I highly recommend, it’s so great!). Fran was here just about the same time last year and the weather was just the same; perfectly warm and beautiful.

We talked a little about the blogs, but mostly just enjoyed catching up on each other’s lives, in person for a change instead of just via blog, and of course snapped some photos, or rather my sweet boyfriend J. did for us. It’s so funny how you can meet people online through something silly and simple like taking pictures of what you wear, and find amazing friends, even those who live across the country. Love that and these girls to pieces.

MY OUTFIT  dress, alya via Francesca’s | shoes Fergalicious by Fergie (I know, I know…mock me all you want)


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